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Maintained by Jason Gordon.  Last updated July 27, 1999.

Over the last few years, Capcom has been flooding the market with a proliferation of Street Fighter games. It seems that the list is endless. Despite the improvements of sound, graphics, and gameplay, I still prefer those in the "classic" series: namely, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, and Street Fighter II: Turbo Hyper Fighting.

With the recent release of Callus, the Capcom System 1 (CPS-1) arcade emulator, Bloodlust Software has made many classic Capcom games accessable to all on the internet. This includes the classic Street Fighter II series, complete with all of the glitches! Here is a collection of "glitches" and "bugs", focusing on how they work with Callus.


boom.gif (947 bytes)Bugs and Glitches

boom.gif (947 bytes)Callus Glitch Save States Section

boom.gif (947 bytes)Callus SFII Movies

boom.gif (947 bytes)Advanced Guile Glitch FAQ (cadaver)

boom.gif (947 bytes)Why don't reset glitches work on Callus

boom.gif (947 bytes)Text based glitch guide by Derek Daniels

Rainbow / Blackbelt Info

boom.gif (947 bytes)SF2: Blackbelt edition basic info

boom.gif (947 bytes)SF2RB Move Guide

Random SF2 Stuff

boom.gif (947 bytes)Street Fighter Image Gallery

boom.gif (947 bytes)SF II Rainbow (Blackbelt) Gallery

boom.gif (947 bytes)SF2: WW versions and how to tell them apart

 boom.gif (947 bytes)Character Stats Code

boom.gif (947 bytes)Street Fighter Select Screen made in Javascript

boom.gif (947 bytes)Street Fighter Move Guide


Callus 0.42:

boom.gif (947 bytes)Windows DirectX version

boom.gif (947 bytes)DOS version

boom.gif (947 bytes)Windows DirectX Q-Sound Player

Emulation Links

boom.gif (947 bytes)Callus Homepage

boom.gif (947 bytes)Callus Save Games - Zophar

boom.gif (947 bytes)Callus Save States - TSOL fan

boom.gif (947 bytes)Street Fighter Movies - Jong

Emu News Sites

boom.gif (947 bytes)Retrogames

boom.gif (947 bytes)Davesclassics

boom.gif (947 bytes)EmuViews

boom.gif (947 bytes)Zophar's Domain

Rom Links

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boom.gif (947 bytes)Longevity's Digital Arcade

What's New:


Ok, I had to move the site again.  Its now hosted on my shell which I have purchased for a year so it shouldn't go anywhere for a while.  In moving, I decided to check all of the links and I found a few dead ones and fixed them.  

Also, many of you have been emailing me about where to find various roms.  Most rom sites are dead these days. however, Longevity's Digital Arcade still has all MAME roms.  You can go directly to the Street Fighter II roms by clicking here.

I am also mirroring the latest callus versions (0.42) here.  Here is the Windows DirectX version, the DOS version, and the Windows DirectX Q-Sound Player.

Also, my email has changed.  Its now

I would also like to point out that while MAME supports many more versions of Sf2 than Callus, it is possible to play most, if not all versions of sf2 in callus with a little rom renaming.  The various sf2 sets (sf2a, sf2b, sf2e, etc) can be renamed to match the callus sf2 set.  The various hacks such as sf2red and sf2accp2 can be played in Callus by renaming the roms to match the sf2ce set, not sf2rb.  I believe that the sf2rb support in callus was accomplished through some kind of hack.


Tonczer sent me a movie of Blanka doing the double roll then bite in SF2WW.  Also, I would like people to know that most of the SF2 games have been added to MAME which is an actively updated emulator.  All 4 versions of SF2WW are implemented there, so you might want to check out the glitches on each version.  It should have SF2RB support soon too.  As far as we all know, Callus is dead.

I would also like to point out this text based glitch guide written by Derek Daniels.  Scroll down to the bottom and you will see he thanks me. :-)

Also, if you yearn to contact me, you can almost always find me on IRC on the Efnet network in the channels #retrogamers and #classicemu.  If I'm not there, just ask someone (or the bots) if they have seen fifreak.


Yes, I know its been a long time since my last update.  There hadn't been anything new....until now.  I received an email from Mike Z about the scroller Guile glitch I said I discovered.  It turns out this is a very interesting glitch.  There are specific moves you can do while in the glitch, one of which kills your opponent.  Head over to the Guile page to check it out.  And of course, we have new movies and save states with this glitch. 

I also updated the Street Fighter Rainbow move guide slightly. 

J_ROM released Street Fighter II Japanese to the public.  This works with current versions of Callus.  I think you can pick up a copy at Davesclassics.


We moved to a new server.  My e-mail address is now


I added the Street Fighter II Rainbow Move guide as promised.  I also added a standard move guide.


I wanted to talk a little about the Rainbow edition.  I received a bunch of mails from users about this version.  First of all, the name gets its title from the distorted logo (see below).  After many emails and my experimenting, I want to change what I said about it.  I no longer believe that the rainbow edition is the same as blackbelt.  It is quite close, but not exact.   Blackbelt is supposed to be less "messed up" and have slower fireballs and midair throws.  I personally also remember something about Blanka turning into Ryu when ducking, which is not present in this rainbow hack.  I am also told that a lot of the minor details of the hacks are acheived through messing with the dipswitches.   If anyone can do this on Callus, please email me. 

I made a lot of cosmetic changes to almost all of the site (as promised a while ago).  If there are bad links, please tell me.




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