Jason Gordon



128 Andorra Glen Ct.

Lafayette Hill, PA 19444


(610) 828-2532


Work Experience

Lockheed Martin Corporation, King of Prussia, PA

Commercial Applications Software Engineer, July 2004 – Present

  • Worked on a small team developing an intelligence solution; Directed development effort
    • Java, Ant, XML, JAXB, JAXP, DOM, SAX, JMS, DB2
    • Designed and managed coding standards and build environment using CVS, Ant and Eclipse
  • Planned, designed and implemented strategies for integrating a commercial inference engine and a text extraction engine to semantically resolve unknowns in a document collection and filter documents based on semantic user preferences
    • Use of Semantic Web OWL technology and Java
    • Web services, XML, RDF, MySQL
    • Worked in corporate research environment
  • Systems and requirements gathering and analysis for a large scale company integration effort in the area of unmanned systems
  • Contributed new features and bug fixes to numerous software systems


Alexander and Tom Inc, Baltimore, MD

Web Developer, June 2002 - July 2002

·         Planned strategies for converting mixed media documents to graphics and HTML.

·         Designed Perl scripts to migrate mailing list to new format.

·         Diagnosed and remedied technical issues with servers.


Metropolitan Transport Authority, Long Island Bus, Garden City, NY

Business Systems Planning Associate, Summer 2001

·         Planned, designed, and initiated development of a “Contract Tracking Accounts Payable System” using Visio, Visual Basic, and MS-SQL Server.


Vast Video, Astoria, NY

Web Application and Database Developer, Summer 2000

·         Worked with lead programmer to develop web-based database driven applications for internal inventory and media system. Worked with Pervasive Tango, Microsoft SQL Server 7 and Oracle 8i.


Port Washington School District, Port Washington, NY 

Systems Technician, Summer 1999

·         Proposed, designed and executed a systems upgrade strategy for an antiquated computer lab.

·         Installed, wired, and configured Macintosh computers and networking equipment.

·         Maintained Linux machine configured to perform IP masquerading and routing.



Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

  • Master of Engineering in Computer Science: May 2004
  • GPA: 3.51


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Departmental Honors:  May 2003   
  • GPA: 3.41   Major GPA: 3.59


Relevant Coursework And Projects

Cornell University

  • Intermediate Computer Systems
    • Undertook substantial group project developing fault tolerant, load-balanced, multi-player, online gaming platform in C#. 
    • Other topics included replication, group communication, reliable multicast, and web services
  • Database Systems
    • Developed various low-level components of a simple DBMS in C++ including a buffer manager, space manager, joins processor, and crash recovery system
    • Studied other topics in detail including SQL, indexing, sorting, and transactions
  • Digital Communications over Packet-Switched Networks
    • Developed C code to quantize and encode a series of video frames using Huffman codes
    • Created packet-switched network simulation to transport encoded streams

Johns Hopkins University

  • Network Security
    • Studied various topics and research techniques including intrusion detection systems, routing, traffic monitoring, IP traceback schemes, TCP attacks, and wireless security
    • Implemented a variety of projects in the context of a java based network simulator including
      • A TCP stack and simple traceroute program
      • Probabilistic Packet Marking, a technique for determining the origin of TCP floods
      • Pushback, an experimental technique for defending against DoS attacks by detecting and selectively restricting attacker flows in the network
  • Storage Systems
    • Wrote a simple version of the Unix utility fsck in C for repairing ext2 file systems
  • Database Systems
    • Identified, deployed, and tuned DBMS capable of holding over a million records in a table
    • Researched and determined which popular DBMS could best handle nested subqueries
  • Object Oriented Systems
    • Studied the fundamentals of Object Oriented software development, design methodologies and patterns, refactoring, Java reflection, RMI, and UML
    • Worked in a group to create a client-server system for image querying with wavelets in Java
  • Additional courses: Data Structures, Algorithms, Unix Systems Programming, Automata and Computational Theory, Computer Architecture, Networks, Operating Systems, and Information Retrieval and Web Agents




  • C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Visual Basic; experienced with data structures

Technologies / Frameworks

  • .NET, J2EE, Web Services, XML, Web Ontology Language (OWL)


  • Skilled with SQL and various DBMS, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL, and Oracle


  • Experienced working with various Unix systems. Maintain various Linux machines; familiar with system administration tasks.



Johns Hopkins News-Letter, Baltimore, MD

Student-run paper with circulation of 6,200. Associated College Press Pacemaker Award winner for 2002-2003 in the best college weekly newspaper category.

  • Managing Editor (2002-2003): Oversaw production, assisted section editors, and wrote articles and editorials.
  • Systems Manager (2000-2002): Managed network. Created application to generate HTML from rich text.

Johns Hopkins Association for Computing Machinery, Baltimore, MD

  • Secretary (2000-2001)
  • Treasurer (2002-2003)
  • Active member (1999-2003)