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Background Info

I have been programming since middle school, when I started to tinker around in basic. From there I moved on to playing around with Visual Basic which I used to create various programs for fun and the enjoyment of others. I wrote a multipication program for my sister to help her learn her times tables.

Later, I started to play around with C++ and Java. Now I am learning PHP and Perl.

Some of my work

You can see some examples of my prgramming work below.

PHP Digicam Database (2002)
Organize and categorize your pictures and present them online for easy viewing.

Movie Information Database with Natural Language Interface (2001)
I worked on this project with Jeremiah Crim that aimed to put the IMDB data online in a simple, serachable form with a natural language interface. Jeremiah wrote the NLP interface, which was pretty advanced, while I wrote the perl to parse the complicated IMDB data format and place it into a database. One of the tables in our database had over two million rows, so speed was an issue for this project. I may put perl code to parse the IMDB data online. Other pieces of the project may go online as well.

See some example queries, parse trees, and results: [ex1] [ex2]

Presidential Quote Database (2001)
Worked with Jay Crim to create a searchable online quote database.

NL HTMLizer (2000)
A VB App that helps us convert the JHU News-Letter into HTML format each week.

Virtual Reality Modeling Language For 3D Medical Image Visualization (1999)
A research project I worked on in the summer of 1998. Wrote a c++ program to try to visually render the lungs in VRML using CT data. Entered the project in an online science project and won first place.

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