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I'm Jason Gordon, welcome to my homepage. I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and am currently seeking an MSE in Computer Science at Cornell.

I was born on March 29, 1981. I grew up in Port Washington and Roslyn, both of which are on Long Island, NY.

I completed my undergraduate education at Johns Hopkins University where I received a BS in Computer Science with departmental honors. At Hopkins, I was actively involved in two on-campus organizations. On The Johns Hopkins Association for Computing Machinery, I was an active participant in discussions and meetings. I also served as Secretary in 2000 and Treasurer in 2002. I was also very involved with The Johns Hopkins News-Letter. I was Systems Manager from 2000-2002 and Managing Editor from 2002-2003. Both experiences were very rewarding for me. Working for the News-Letter helped me gain valuable management experience and improve my teamwork skills. Plus it was a really fun job!

I have a very loving and supporting family who will always stand by me no matter what I do. In the future, I plan to complete graduate school and get a job. From there, who knows?

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